Web Services versus Distributed Objects

My paper with Janel Barfield on Web Services versus Distributed Objects: A Case Study of Performance and Interface Design was selected as the Best Paper at IEEE International Conference on Web Services ( ICWS) 2006. This paper has caused a little controversy... the basic idea of the first part is well-known, but I don't know of any formal benchmark comparisons that demonstrate the idea in a simple way. The wrappers are variaton on the standard "value object" pattern, but the "value" being sent is a transcript of some actions, not a data value as is uaually the case for value objects. The slides from talk were designed as an advertisement for the paper, and they at least woke up the audience at ICWS.

OOPSLA in Portland

OOPSLA 2006 will be held October 22-26 in historic Portland, Oregon (USA).

You can learn all about OOPSLA at www.oopsla.org, and/or download the Advance Program PDF at http://www.oopsla.org/2006//program/oopsla_06_advance_program.pdf .

OOPSLA is the premier gathering of professionals from industry and academia, all sharing their experiences with today’s object technologies and its offshoots. OOPSLA appeals to practitioners, researchers, students, educators, and managers, all of whom discover a wealth of information and the chance to meet others with similar interests and varied experiences and knowledge.
You can mold your own OOPSLA experience, attending your choices of technical papers, practitioner reports, expert panels, demonstrations, essays, lightning talks, formal and informal educator symposia, workshops, and diverse tutorials and certificate courses from world-class experts. The popular Onward! track presents out-of-the-box thinking at the frontiers of computing. Posters discuss late-breaking results, culminating in the ACM Student Research Competition. Try your hand at solving the DesignFest® design challenge. And of course there are plenty of social opportunities for mingling and professional networking.

Go to the web (www.oopsla.org) today to reserve your place at OOPSLA ’06. See you in Portland!