My Vonage Disaster

Last August I decided to sign up for Vonage, to try it out. I made a few calls and it seemed to work. So I requested that my home number be converted to a Vonage number. I waited and waited. Nothing happened. I called them every month or so for the next six months to check the status, but nothing happened. Perhaps SBC was not willing to make the transfer. Perhaps Vonage dropped the ball.
Updated Date: Number Transfer Progress History
August 15, 2004: Awaiting Letter of Authorization
November 24, 2004: Letter of Authorization (LOA) Received
November 24, 2004: Transfer Sent to Carrier
November 24, 2004: Transfer Sent to Carrier
April 18, 2005: LNP Transfer Cancelled
All this time I was paying service charges for a service that didn't work. The gave me a months credit when I asked for it. Finally I was annoyed and asked them to cancel the service. But I couldn't find the original box to send the equipment back, so they charged me for that. $386 later I have nothing but a useless Vonage box.

I guess that is one way to make money...

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