I can't stand it any more. Why does is it so difficult to install experimental software???? Granted, a lot of the stuff I want to try out is academic/experimental, but IT SHOULD NOT BE THIS DIFFICULT! The next time I download a package like this I'm going to tear my hair out:
* A README file that doesn't say what the software does!
* An INSTALL file that goes on for pages and page about cofiguration settings, tweaks to make files, editing this and that...
* After trying to complete the 20 steps correctly, the thing doesn't work!
* A few hours of trying to debug makefiles, configuration files, etc
Give up....

Oh well. I'm going to keep a list of the things I try that I can't get to work:
YAMPA I'm sorry this one has to be first. But the link to the install file (SOE.msi) is broken. I peeked in the folder and found one, then downloaded lots of other stuff, but couldn't get it to work.

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John Dougan said...

SOE.msi...isn't that a Windows extension (MicroSoft Installer)?