Matlab annoyance

I am really annoyed at Matlab. It keeps a record of all your old commands. At least, that's what it seems to do. Gives you a nice good feeling that "nothing is ever lost". However, it turns out that it only saves a certain amount of history, and then it starts throwing away commands. I didn't lose anything critical, but it certainly makes me unhappy that I cannot go back and see what I did a few months ago.


John "Z-Bo" Zabroski said...

An alternative way to state this complaint is to tell people what you are using MATLAB for, so they can suggest a tool that is open and not broken by design.

I am just saying.

Anonymous said...

After some very intense googling, I discovered that Matlab supports a very advanced IDE feature called "scripts."

It seems that you can save arbitrary commands into file and then load command sequences on demand from disk.

William Cook said...

Wow.. such sarcasm. Of course I know about scripts. But they don't have all the same functionality as the command history. But yes, I've stopped using the command history feature, because it is not reliable. I never liked REPLs that much, anyway.