Ruby GUI

I'm in Ruby GUI hell.

I'm using ruby1.9 so I need the latest gem. But it is not compiled for 64bit architecture, so I have to build it from source. When I compile, I get an error:
SWIG version 1.3.31 is installed, minimum version required is 1.3.37.
But when I used MacPorts to try to upgrade SWIG, it only lets me install version 1.3.31 or 2.0.3_0. But wxruby requires a version between 1.3.32 and 1.3.37 because "SWIG 1.3.39 introduced changes incompatible with swig/fixmodule.rb".

Update: after much pain I got wxruby to run. Here is the post that has the clue. The basic summary is:
1) configure ruby with " --with-arch=x86_64,i386" to get both architectures
2) use Gem to install wxruby-ruby19-2.0.1-x86-darwin-9.gem
3) when you run ruby, you have to say "arch -i386 ruby ...
As I said, I hate OSX every time I have to install software.

You have to run the shoes application. Its not a library, so I don't think I can use it. But I might have to try.

Looks interesting, and things seem to work until I try to launch the application:
no such file to load -- rubygems
./bowline_twitter/config/boot.rb:3:in `require'
./bowline_twitter/config/boot.rb:3:in `'
./bowline_twitter/script/init:2:in `require'
./bowline_twitter/script/init:2:in `'
I guess I might have to try it...

And all the others... I haven't heard much good about them.
Its at times like this that I pine for my Windows box. It may be ugly, but there is a much better change that things will "just work" than on Un*x or OSX.


Massa said...

I found that QtRuby works perfectly well for my needs...

Steven Oliver said...

I hate to be "that guy" but I think your biggest problem isn't UNIX or OS X. It's ruby.