Dell service call... slow, confused.. but gets the job done

This is an automated email sent from Dell Chat. The following information
is a log of your session. Please save the log for your records.

04:05:15 Session Started with Agent
04:05:22 William: "Hi"
04:05:23 Agent: "Thank you for contacting Dell XPS Premium Support. My name is XXXX and my rep ID number is #####. How may I help you today?"
04:05:43 William: "I was just talking with tech support about my XPL laptop."
04:05:56 William: "They tried to connect me to hardware support, but the connection failed"
04:06:09 William: "we are having trouble communicating, so I thought I'd try chat"
04:06:25 Agent: "I appreciate the opportunity to assist you with this issue."
04:06:31 Agent: "Please allow me 2 to 3 minutes to pull up your account information. In the meantime, May I have an alternate contact number and the best time to reach you if we have to follow up on the case?"
04:06:52 William: "the phone number I gave on the login screen here is good. Do you have it?"
04:07:10 Agent: "Yes."
04:08:55 Agent: "I see that you are contacting us regarding your XPS L401X , which has windows 7 as the Operating System. Am I correct?"
04:09:12 William: "yes"
04:09:44 Agent: "Okay."
04:09:57 Agent: "May i know what exactly is the issue?"
04:11:13 William: "THe computer started being slow... VERY slow. opening a folder window took 5 minutes"
04:11:27 William: "then i reinstalled the operating system.. but it hung during installation and did not complete"
04:11:39 William: "I ran diagnostics and got a disk error"
04:11:59 William: "2000-0146"
04:12:13 William: "it cannot boot at all"
04:12:52 Agent: "Okay."
04:12:52 William: "another diagnostic gave DTS Self-test Read error with number 0F00-065D"
04:13:04 William: "i'm getting tired of repeating this problem over and over again to different people"
04:14:25 Agent: "I will make sure that this would be the last time you the explain the issue , i will resolve it my the end of the chat."
04:15:04 Agent: "If you got 146 error we need to run the extended test on hard drive."
04:15:12 Agent: "Are we chatting from the same computer?"
04:15:27 William: "no (its broken :-)"
04:16:12 William: "how do I run the test?"
04:17:05 Agent: "Turn on the computer and keep on tapping f12 key on the keyboard."
04:17:33 William: "ok"
04:17:42 Agent: "I understand that but we need a code in order to replace the hard drive without which it cannot be processed."
04:17:52 William: "its fine"
04:18:20 William: "i've done the f12 step.. have the "please select boot device" screen. Please go as quickly as you can"
04:20:36 Agent: "Sure."
04:20:42 Agent: "Select diagnostics."
04:21:00 William: "there is no option named "diagnostics""
04:21:17 William: "it has "har drive" "Cd drive" "Network" "Enter PSA+" and "Enter Setup""
04:21:58 William: "the last person asked for "diagnostics" too. It annoys me that you do not know the options in your own product"
04:22:33 Agent: "William by default it should have the option."
04:22:50 William: "well.. it doesn't"
04:22:53 William: "i haven't done anything to the computer"
04:23:08 William: "PSA+ is "pre-boot system assesement" test"
04:23:28 Agent: "But as the hard drive has issue it is not displaying it select Psa++"
04:24:59 William: "if you say so"
04:26:04 Agent: "So once you select that it will run the test and give you the error 146 and after that it will asks you to continue the test or nor select continue."
04:26:07 William: "it is doing tests now.."
04:26:18 William: "yes, that is right"
04:26:50 William: "i've been waiting foryou to tell me what to do then"
04:28:01 Agent: "select continue and it will continue the test and give you some options let me know what are they?"
04:28:37 William: "it is continuing with memory test... it wil take about 5 minutes i think. there is no way to skip that test and get to the advanced options... so we must wait"
04:28:59 Agent: "Yes."
04:34:35 William: "ok.. it is done"
04:34:48 William: "it says "do you want to run the remaining tests?""
04:34:55 William: "it will take 30 minutes or more"
04:35:08 William: "but i think these tests are different from the on-disk diagnostis"
04:35:09 Agent: "Select no."
04:35:14 William: "ok"
04:35:21 Agent: "And the it will give you options."
04:35:25 William: "booting utility partition"
04:35:41 William: "options: test memory/ test system/ exit"
04:36:55 Agent: "Select test system."
04:37:09 William: "ok.. its going"
04:37:56 William: "express test/ extended test/ custom test/ symptom tree"
04:38:18 Agent: "Select custom ."
04:39:41 William: "ok"
04:39:45 William: "(can you go faster?)"
04:40:18 Agent: "Sorry we need to run the tests then only we can see the error."
04:40:30 Agent: "Have you select custom?"
04:40:47 William: "yes. I already said "ok""
04:40:59 Agent: "OK."
04:41:05 William: "I just want you to respond more quickly. I am waiting a long time between each message"
04:41:21 Agent: "Oh i am sorry you felt so."
04:41:24 Agent: "Sure."
04:41:56 Agent: "Now it will start the test and this test will take around 30 min."
04:42:15 Agent: "So if you want i can stay or i will give you a call."
04:42:15 William: "which tests should I select in the custom area?"
04:42:35 Agent: "Hard drive."
04:42:59 William: "hmm.. you did not say that before"
04:43:23 William: "which tests?"
04:43:42 Agent: "Hard drive extended test."
04:43:52 William: "that's not an option"
04:43:55 William: "it has"
04:43:58 William: "confidence"
04:44:04 William: "device quick check"
04:44:09 William: "derive self-test (short)"
04:44:13 William: "drive self-test (long)"
04:44:16 William: "read test"
04:44:18 William: "seek test"
04:44:22 William: "SMART test"
04:44:25 William: "Verify test"
04:44:42 Agent: "Drive self test long is know as extended test."
04:44:46 Agent: "So please select it."
04:44:57 Agent: "Known*"
04:45:07 William: ""known as" doesn't help me, since you are not using the same words as I'm seeing."
04:45:26 William: "just that one? nothing else?"
04:45:26 Agent: "It will take 30 min to complete this test ."
04:45:38 Agent: "Only that one."
04:45:49 William: "ok.. its running"
04:45:56 Agent: "Perfect."
04:46:03 William: "estimted completion time 113 minutes"
04:46:20 William: "ahh.. it failed already"
04:46:33 William: "0F00-075D"
04:46:39 Agent: "Okay what is the error message?"
04:46:44 William: "that is the error code"
04:47:00 William: "Msg: DISK -DST Sefl-test Read error"
04:47:13 William: "continue testing?"
04:47:26 Agent: "Yes."
04:48:31 Agent: "Is it running?"
04:48:40 William: "oh.. it seems to have stopped the test"
04:48:49 William: ""continue testing" seems to mean "select another test to run""
04:49:06 William: "there is an "X" on that test, since it failed"
04:49:34 Agent: "In this case we will replace the hard drive."
04:49:56 Agent: "Are you comfortable in replacing the hard drive?"
04:50:38 Agent: "This is not to rush you, please respond if we are connected."
04:50:47 William: "ye"
04:50:47 William: "yes"
04:51:00 Agent: "Okay."
04:51:21 William: "yes, i can probably replace it, if its not too difficult"
04:51:27 William: "i have done things like this before"
04:51:30 Agent: "So i will send you the hard drive which will reach your place within 2 to3 business days."
04:51:30 William: "on computers"
04:51:40 William: "ok"
04:51:42 Agent: "Okay that really great."
04:53:50 Agent: "Thank you."
04:54:44 Agent: "You will also get a call from dell to check if the issue is resolved or not after 3 days ."
04:54:53 Agent: "And would there be anything else that I may assist you with today?"
04:55:51 Agent: "It was pleasure assisting you ."
04:56:48 William: "thanks"
04:57:12 Agent: "You are welcome."

If you require further assistance, please visit us at


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